BCC: How To Make A Picture Book


With full of RYSE’s love for independent publishing,

BCC in October will be a workshop with Somebooks, supporting independent art books and writer Young Lee.


During the workshop, you’ll see how daydreams and stories can be re-created as a book, and the process to bring the writer’s thoughts to life. And Somebooks will try to answer the fundamental question, “What is a book anyway?”. You can also make your own picture book with your stuff and your story.


Part. 1: Talk about Idiot (Younglee’s book) & Somebooks talk

Part. 2: Workshop with the artist, book-binding, story-telling with illustration, etc

*Bring two objects related to yourself


Date: October 26th (Saturday)
Time: 2pm~5pm (talk session & workshop)
Location: RYSE Hotel 5F Studio E


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*Snacks & drinks will be served.
*Sign up available for one person per sheet