Cody Hudson gets hands-on at RYSE

Cody Hudson is a master of more disciplines than we can name. Illustration, sculpture, graphic design, branding and more. Sometimes working under his own name and at other times as Struggle Inc. His background in the fashion and skate industries have taught him to take it all in stride and to be prepared for anything. His project for RYSE was no different.

What was supposed to be a quick supervision of his large lobby installation turned into a week of hands-on work, with Cody painting on the rooftop under the Seoul spring weather and making sure that every single piece was placed correctly on the wall for the final installation. His signature shape language of organic circles, triangles and squares wraps around the concrete lobby wall – creating a link between the world of DIY art and the context of the Hongdae location.

The final result fits perfectly, made and fitted exactly into place by a master artist. And best of all, Cody’s creativity and passion was spread among everyone he worked with in Seoul. This was especially shown in the extra shapes that he left in public areas – someone out there was lucky enough to pick up a Cody Hudson artwork off the side of the street! Listen to a longer interview with Cody about the RYSE project at Maekan.