Get To Know: Max Lee

RYSE is full of personalities and Max Lee looms large at Side Note Club. As the manager of SNC, he sets the quality and tone of the bar by leading development of new cocktails and giving the signature SNC service. When not at work, he is most often found at the climbing gym or on his fixed gear bike.

Current favorite album: Run the Jewels first album
“After finding the group through the Black Panther soundtrack, I checked out all of their albums and am a big fan of their powerful sound and lyrics. Definitely a go-to album when SNC is crowded and I want to raise the mood.”

Current favorite drink: Oriental Negroni
“I love experimenting with old classics. For this one we use different Asian liquors to replace the traditional gin negroni. By talking with guests and finding their tastes we can match the fragrance and flavor to give a new spin on this old favorite.”