Hungover with Henz Club

On a brisk Sunday afternoon, we join co-founder of Henz Club  Jaekook, slow-headed and hungry, for his favorite haejang (eating food to relieve a hangover) place, Asojeong. Known for their braised short ribs or in korean, galbi-jjim, Asojeong is a must stop whether hungover or not.

Galbi-jjim is a simmering mélange of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, pepper, sesame, and scallions with beef or pork short ribs. Once fully cooked, finishing touches such as ginko berries, jujube, chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms are added. Juicy and tender, the meat falls off the bone ever so delicately and is often paired with rice or a bowl of cold noodles.

Take a seat with us as we feast with Jaekook and talk about… nothing really.

Location: Asojeong

Address: 149-9 Yeomri-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul