Photographing Obsessions with Laurent

RYSE’s first resident artist – Laurent Segretier – was a resident before the doors were even open. From December 2017 to March 2018, Laurent traveled often to Seoul to experience the neighborhood of Hongdae and take photos that show his unique obsessions and perspective. His photos are scattered throughout the hotel and most impressively, he created two Artist Suites that immerse guests in his artwork.

With endless creative energy and West Indies-wit, Laurent explored the RYSE construction site and Hongdae to find interesting ‘fragments’ that the viewer can create a story from. His eye picked up on recurring themes of travel, motion, automotive culture, youth trends that are found throughout his work.

From the thousands of digital and film photos, Laurent chose a selection to transform into an Artist Suite with his collaborator, Charles Munka. Between Laurent’s photos and Charles’ paintings and prints, every wall is a prime spot for artwork that illustrates their viewpoints and experiences in Seoul.