BCC: For the small poet in you


BCC is a monthly cultural event by RYSE that shares the creative inspiration all around us.
Its format varies: from a workshop, exhibition, talk, digital blog to publication.
There are also no fixed boundaries between speakers and participants, hosts and attendees. Everyone has their own creative inspiration; definition and categorization are not required.
BCC welcomes anyone who wishes to share and fulfill their creative desires.


Our first BCC <For the Small Poet in You> is on July 25.
Everyone has a small poet within themselves.
With Poet Suyeon Bae, who is a regular at RYSE, we will have an opportunity to find our inner poets and to understand our artistic sensibility.


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Thursday, July 25, 2019



7:30 PM~


Part 1. Film Screening The Kindergarten Teacher
Part 2. Talk with Suyeon Bae