Sneaker Concierge


RYSE is on the hunt to help you find your dream sneakers!

For our guests only, our sneaker concierge is ready to take your order and will either recommend a Seoul retailer or find the rare pair directly.

RYSE crew member, Eric Yoo, has been a longtime sneaker collector himself and will use the relationships he’s made over the years along with his abilities to get sneakers from low-end to high-end just for you.

Contact Eric now and find that unique pair of sneakers waiting when you check-out!


*Contact: +82 02 330 7751 /

* 1 week advance notice is required.

* 10% commission will be incurred.

* Only RYSE hotel guests can use this service.

* Cash only service and delivery is not available.

* This service cannot be guaranteed due to the limited edition nature of these sneakers.

* Refund and cancellation is not available after the purchase has been approved by the customer.