Our Artist Suites are the result of a close collaboration between RYSE and a select group of global creatives. Each concept has been chosen to enhance different aspects of the hotel experience.


Chris Ro has transformed the room into not just a gallery but an art piece in of itself. GOBI presents Scott Lee’s and Kyuhwa Moon’s landscapes of Los Angeles and Seoul, converting the room into an immersive exhibition where guests can discover secret drawings hidden in every pocket of the room. Laurent Segretier and Charles Munka have combined forces to document the characters of Seoul through portrait photography and then install their photo studio in the rooms themselves for the aspiring photographer in everyone. Yeojoo Park has bathed her room in light that changes from day to night and inspires a meditative mindset.

Chris Ro has designed Artist Suite 1501 to encapsulate the feeling of being basked in the warmth of sunshine, with the focus being on the color, Yellow. Employing a spatial and raw sensory approach to the paintings, Chris has utilized the walls of the hotel to create a space that combines the functionality of touch and highlighting the selected pieces. The suite serves as an extension of the first floor’s Art Relay and connects to the long partnership that RYSE has with Chris.


The GOBI Artist Suite showcases works by Kyuhwa Moon (문규화) and Scott Lee (스캇 리), two artists living and working 6,000 miles apart. Despite the distance, the two artists create scenes that bear similarities in form, process, and reflection. Through their works, Kyuhwa and Scott share their discoveries – small moments and encounters that may have gone unnoticed.
GOBI mirrors these moments in their curation by planting pleasant encounters that can be discovered as guests move through the space.

The multi-colored suite by Yeojoo presents the <Twilight Zone> series through her designed Artist Suite 1504. Twilight is a transition period between night and day and twilight zone is the deepest layer in the ocean that the light can approach. With this dual meaning, Yeojoo intended the audience to feel the boundary between time and space in reality at her artist suite. The <Twilight Zone> series can be recognized through the windows. The windows, lights and other elements in the room create a spectrum of color tones and offer a new perception of space and an inspiring place to relax.


“The <Twilight Zone> series can be seen both during the day and at night. Due to limited operation hours, it’s hard for people to catch the night scene at art exhibition. But at RYSE artist suite, you can feel both ways.”

Artist suite 1503 by Laurant have walls filled with his photos taken in the Hongdae neighborhood. Laurent is a fine artist based in Paris and Hong Kong and produces fine art photos in a highly processed style and 3D computer rendering. He spent weeks living in Seoul while working on this project. Charles Munka is a collage artist and painter from Paris and Tokyo who paints directly on the walls to put his stamp on the suites.


As a part of RYSE’s Zero Project, we provide a glass water bottle instead of plastic water bottles.
The water is filtered after the bottle is strictly and thoroughly sanitized and the quality is tested every quarter to ensure its utmost safety.


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-Breakfast for 2


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