RYSE’s Zero Project promotes environmental sustainability and reducing waste. 

We understand that we are not perfect, however, we are continually striving to improve our environmental impact on the earth. Our hope is to promote sustainability so that more hotels and companies alike adopt such programs in their initiatives for the future.

We have implemented such changes to our offering as multiple-use bathroom amenity dispensers and to-go packaging made of 100% compostable materials to name a few. We hope that our small steps not only positively impact the environment, but human nature and thinking as well.

Please join us in this effort and be our partner in making the world a cleaner and more sustainable place!


We provide all the bathroom amenities in refillable dispensers, not disposable single-use items.
Disposable slippers and plastic laundry bags have been replaced with flip-flops and canvas laundry bags that can be used in daily life.

Flip-flops and laundry bags are available for purchase at the 3F Guest Desk.

As a part of RYSE’s Zero Project, we provide glass water bottles instead of plastic water bottles.
The water is filtered and tested every quarter to ensure its utmost safety and the bottle is thoroughly sanitized after each use.



Our to-go packaging is made out of 100% compostable materials and all menus in the food & beverage outlets are only in digital format.

We hope that our efforts will not only minimize the impact on the environment but also transform the way we think about waste.

For to-go items, there will be a fee assessed to the guest.



In-room posters are printed using vegetable oil ink with a Risograph printer.

RYSE will continue to host workshops with Riso Korea in hopes to promote environmentally friendly production techniques and materials.